Latest News: Covid 19 restrictions lifted

Following a statement from the Rugby Football Union that the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport has approved a plan for the return of grassroots rugby in England, and that the next phase involves "enabling two teams of up to 10 players" to play on a non-contact basis “in their own club environment” during August, play will resume at Stagholt from Sunday 16th August.


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A risk assessment has been prepared which all players should read before attending. Click Here to read



Stagholt Touch Rugby has its origins in 2003, when a bunch of rugby die-hards got together for a game of touch rugby to celebrate England’s victory in the Rugby World Cup. Having played the 15 a side game and missing the camaraderie, fitness and sheer fun of throwing a ball around – they decided to play on a regular basis. With typical tongue in cheek rugby humour they called themselves “The Dodderers”!

However the club has now grown to include members of all ages – from teenagers - to current 15s players – to ex-players. Also, being non-contact means men and women can play together – so we are very much an open, mixed club - many daughters, wives and partners have played over the years! The one thing we all have in common is a competitive spirit, a love of rugby and a sense of humour – in other words we’re just “big kids” at heart!

We welcome new members - even if you have never played rugby - if you can run, catch and pass you can play! Just turn up at 8 a.m. any Sunday morning for a “taster” session and you will be assured of a warm and friendly welcome. We have a saying “we never close” - whatever the weather - reflected in our motto “Conservare Contagio” (which means “Keep on Touching”!).

For details of how to find us – see under “Location”. Come and join in the fun – enthusiasm is more important than ability! You will need studded footwear (boots with moulded plastic studs are fine) and a sense of humour!



The young men fall off on days like this:
Nobody shows at first in the teeming hail, as headlights illuminate the vacant pitch.
Slowly a handful of cars start to show.

Drivers stare out at the January gale then exchange looks through their windows.

Nobody in their right minds would play ball on a morning when not even the dogs would stir,
But a car door opens and slagging voices call.
Men clamber out with strapped ankles and bad backs to stretch, warm up, laugh at the downpour,
Knowing they won’t always enjoy Sundays like that.

Dermot Bolger


Stagholt Touch Rugby formerly known as the "Dodderers" has it's origins in 2003 in celebration of England's Rugby World Cup victory.

What is Touch Rugby?

Touch Rugby is a fast, skilful “evasion” game using the handling skills of rugby – but without the tackling! It is not the same as “Tag Rugby” which is a game used to introduce rugby to children. “Touch” (as it is called “down under”) is an established sport in its own right, with a European Championship and a World Cup every 4 years. It is governed by the Federation of International Touch, and each country has its own governing body – e.g. In2touch, England Touch and Wales Touch.

Check out the videos on our YouTube Channel HERE to see what it is all about!

Disclaimer: Though Touch Rugby is a non-contact sport – all participants take part at their own risk. Stagholt Touch Rugby cannot accept any responsibility for injuries incurred while taking part.


We have a saying “we never close” - whatever the weather - reflected in our motto “Conservare Contagio” (which means “Keep on Touching”).


JOIN US EVERY SUNDAY at 8:00 a.m. at the Stagholt playing field on the northern outskirts of Stonehouse near Stroud.


We meet every Sunday morning at 8:00am at the Stagholt playing field on the northern outskirts of Stonehouse.

The Stagholt ground is easy to find: heading north from Stonehouse towards Gloucester, the entrance is actually on the last roundabout as you leave Stonehouse. It is opposite the turning off to Horsemarling Lane (where the old Standish Hospital was - now signposted to the Moreton Hill Care Centre - where a special Dodderers wing is to be created).

Heading south from Gloucester - it is on the right at the first roundabout you come to as you enter Stonehouse.

For those with SatNav the post code is GL10 3BT.

It's ironic, given that the club was formed on the day of the RWC final in 2003, that the Stagholt field is next to an estate known as 'Little Australia'. With streets named 'Sydney', 'Brisbane', 'Canberra', 'Perth' and 'Adelaide' any visiting Aussies will have a permanent reminder of England's victory!